Park River Oak Estates Homeowner's Association

Meeting Minutes

March 28, 2006

  1. CALL MEETING TO ORDER - 7:30 p.m.
    1. Roll Call – The meeting was called to order by President Marguerite Elia at 7:30 p.m.  Directors, Golda Mainville, Jocelin Luistro, Marian Wong, and Manager, Ashley Teegarden were present along with 3 homeowners:  Gary Hardesty, Celia Ann Campbell and Robert Campbell.
    2. Proof of Notice –Proof of notice was certified.
    3. Approve Agenda – It was M/S/C to approve the agenda.
    4. Approve Minutes – It was M/S/C to approve the minutes of the February 28, 2006 Board Meeting with corrections.
    Marguerite Elia reported that Frei Real Estate Services processes all of the payables for each Association they manage through the same clearing account.  Davis-Stirling states several restrictions on commingled funds, including that the funds of the Association can not remain commingled for more than 10 calendar days.  It was also noted that the February Reserve transfer did not clear the operating account within two weeks of the check being cut.  Marguerite brought this to Management’s attention and a stop payment was made and the payment was re-issued. 

    Due to the current budget constraints security patrols will not begin before June.  The lowest cost for 6 patrols a day is approximately $1,335 per month.  The two companies in the running are All-Phase and Bulls Security; this item will be discussed at next month’s meeting.

     In order to cut back on high charges, Management was asked to distribute the full monthly financial package to Marguerite and Marian only.  Marian will make additional copies for all remaining Board members.

    The old Reserve Account at US Bank needs to be closed, it has a tiny amount of funds still in it.  Marguerite will contact the bank to take care of this.  The previous bookkeeper, Angela West, contacted Marguerite and notified her that there were two homeowners that are still sending their assessment payments to her office through their bank’s automatic bill pay.  Management will look into contacting these homeowners if it has not been done already.

    1. President
      Marguerite reported that a homeowner contacted her because his garage remote did not work.  When he tried to reprogram it he ended up wiping out other operational features on the remote as well.  This is a common problem with the newer remotes because they have an added security feature.  The remotes are the sole responsibility of the individual homeowners so it would be up to him to purchase the original remote in order to easily re-program them or meet with a neighbor who has the newer remote to transfer the electrical codes.  The Board will try to find volunteers to be available to assist homeowners with the reprogramming of the new remotes -- but this might not be possible. 

      Another item brought to Marguerite’s attention was that on March 23rd there were several guests in the backyard of  **** Park River Oak Circle causing a noise disturbance until 1:30 a.m.  Management will contact the owner to reminder her that causing loud noise at late hours is a nuisance to her neighbors and is a violation of the CC&Rs.

      Currently the gates are left open from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday thru Friday and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.  This minimizes the wear and tear on the gates substantially.  Originally this was done because it was more safe than giving out our security code to the many temporary vendors who work on site for private homeowners and for the Board, almost every day.  The Board will review this issue again.

    2. Neighborhood Watch
      Several issues were brought up at the Neighborhood watch meeting held on March 7, 2006, that should be reiterated:
      1. Signs cannot be posted within the complex without prior approval from the Board.
      2. It was reported that a man was climbing balconies without consent.  Truth being that the man was a plumber hired by the Association.  He needed access to the spickets located on the balconies because there is no other way to access water within the property.  The plumber assured Marguerite that he obtained each homeowner’s permission prior to entering the balconies.
      3. The officer that attended the meeting requested that homeowners call the police at the first sign of anything bothersome.  The Board would like to remind homeowners to call the police if it is a safety issue and not to call police on vendors.  If you disrupt a vendor’s work you could be held liable for the costs.  If it is not a safety issue, please research other avenues of resolution.

      The next Neighborhood Watch meeting is scheduled for April 9, 2006 (corrected later).

    1. Tripping Hazard
      It was M/S/C to approve the addition of a cement stepping block near the Garcia Bend Park.
    2. Source of Sewer Problem and Solutions
      It was M/S/C to approve a proposal from Plumbing Connections, Inc. in the amount of $10,600 to perform an entire year worth of cleaning for both the storm drains and sewer manholes on a quarterly basis.   The main cause of the extensive sewer blockages is inappropriate items flushed in private homes, especially female sanitary products and inappropriate cleaning items.
    3. Spickets
      It was M/S/C to approve the installation of 12 community water spickets for $2,300.
    4. Garbage & Litter Outside of Dumpsters – Job & Sign
      There have been several instances where garbage has been left on the ground outside of the dumpsters.  It was M/S/C to approve the installation of signs at the dumpster that express that garbage must be thrown into the dumpster or the owner will be subject to fines.  It was also M/S/C to approve to have Oscar pick up around the dumpsters periodically.
    5. Tree Split by Storm
      The pear tree to the right of the exit gate on George River Lane was nearly split in half by the recent storm.  A large portion of the tree had to be removed, in result the tree may have to be taken out if it does not survive. 

      Also Circuit D which controls a large number of community lights had to be repaired in result of the storm.

    6. Fire Lanes & Sign
      Oscar is re-painting and stenciling the curbs within the fire lanes.
    1. Lien Update
      (Confidential:  not for public website viewing.)
    2. New Phone – New Number
      The new Association phone number will be 916-395-1010.  The wiring is almost complete, it will be up and running by the middle of April.
    3. Annexation
      Brad Epstein sent a letter to the Yeagers.
    4. Parking
      A sample parking spot rental agreement was given to the Board for review.  There are approximately 40 parking spots within the community, three of which have been designated to individual homeowners, under special circumstances.  A vehicle registration form will be sent out to homeowners requesting them to fill it out and return it to Management.  Also included on the form is a place for the homeowner to check if they would be interested in renting a parking spot from the Association for a small monthly fee.  Management will keep track of the responses and report back to the Board at the next meeting.
    1. Reserve Expense
      At the Board meeting held in February the Board approved to pay half of the bill from JB Bostick for the installation of the speed bumps out of the reserve account.  Due to current cash flow restraints it is M/S/C to pay $4,000 from the reserve account and the remaining $1,000 from the operating account.  This proposal was posted on the bulletin board.  We will transfer $1,000 back into the reserves by the end of March.
    2. New Solicitors & No Solicitation Signs.  There were reports of cheerleaders knocking on doors within the community.   M/S/C to approve No solicitation signs for the two gates.
    3. Annual Meeting Date
      Management notified the Board that their By-laws require that the annual meeting and election of directors be held in March.  The Board was unaware of this since it has been held in June since they can remember.  It was M/S/C to approve to move the 2006 Annual Membership Meeting to June of this year.
    4. Nominating Committee
      The nominating committee members are Gary Hardesty, Marian Wong and Jocelin Luistro.  The committee met and agreed upon three candidates for the upcoming election: Jocelin Luistro, Gary Hardesty and Marguerite Elia.  The two directors whose terms expire this year are Marguerite and Jocelin.  (See April’s minutes for corrections)
    5. Barbeques – Private & Public
      The Board agreed to not allow homeowner to have barbeque parties in the common area by the mailboxes because of the potential noise disturbance to the adjacent homeowner.  Some other common areas have dry bark on the ground and are fire hazards.  The Fire Marshall warned the Board regarding the use of charcoal barbeques on the balconies of the units because the hot coals can be a fire hazard and cannot be turned off like a gas or electric grill.  It was M/S/C to ban the use of charcoal barbeques since it could result in a safety problem for the entire Association.
    6. Unsecured Clubhouse
      Unsupervised kids have been found tearing up the clubhouse, leaving doors and windows wide open and the lights on, numerous times.  People using the exercise room and the pool are also not closing windows or locking doors.   The Board may have to look into locking the clubhouse up in order to restrict access.  Tabled.
    7. Swimming Pool Rentals?
      A homeowner requested renting the pool and patio are for a private party, similar to renting the clubhouse.  The Board agreed to deny pool rentals because this would restrict the use of other homeowners (the pool is not an exclusive-use area).
    The next Board of Directors Meeting is scheduled for April 25, 2006 at 7:30 p.m. at the Clubhouse.
  8. ADJOURNMENT – It was M/S/C to adjourn the meeting at 9:30 p.m.


These minutes are unofficial until signed by the Board.