Park River Oak Estates Homeowner's Association

Meeting Minutes

April 25, 2006

    1. Roll Call – The meeting was called to order by President Marguerite Elia at 7:36 p.m.  Directors, Golda Mainville, Jocelin Luistro, Marian Wong, Mark Grisby and Manager, Ashley Teegarden were present along with 5 homeowners:  Gary Hardesty, Celia Ann and Robert Campbell, Cheryl Brown and Kevin Brown.
    2. Proof of Notice –Proof of notice was certified.
    3. Approve Agenda – It was M/S/C to approve the agenda.
    4. Approve Minutes – It was M/S/C to approve the minutes of the March 28, 2006 Board Meeting with changes.
    Marguerite reported that 12 homeowners are delinquent for the month of April.  The Board will start to produce their own late letters because it is too expensive to have Management do them at $10 per letter.  The Board must work on getting homeowner’s accounts current in time for voting at the upcoming director election.  She also reported that the associations monthly and year-to-date operating and reserve accounts have been reconciled and finances appear to be in order.  It was M/S/C to accept the financial report.
    1. President
      1. Education
        Marguerite reported that she spoke with another HOA Board President that suggested all directors to attend seminars specializing in HOA topics.  She visited several websites.  Community Association Institute (CAI) offers several seminars a year for both Managers and Directors.  Marguerite stressed the importance of all directors to attend in order to educate themselves.  She has joined the CAI’s mailing list so she will be notified of up-coming events.
      2. Landscaping
        Oscar will remove a portion of a faux riverbed located behind the pool near 7761 Park River Oak Circle and lay a pathway in order to access a potential new sitting area to be enjoyed by all.
      3. Kids in Clubhouse
        Several un-supervised kids were spotted in the clubhouse, and they appeared to be smoking, possibly.  The Board agreed to post a sign that states no children less than 16 years of age shall be in the clubhouse unless accompanied by an adult guardian.  There were also kids swinging on the front gate as it opened.   They intentionally opened the gate repeatedly to ride it.

      4. Annual Meeting
        The notice of candidates from the nominating committee was mailed to members.  The meeting is scheduled for June 25 at 5 – 8 p.m.  Marguerite will compile the agenda, so all items should be directed to her.  All homeowners are encouraged to attend; you must live on-site in order to run for the Board.  Board will distribute the proxy & agenda to members.
    2. Management
      On the last Property inspection there were 7 charcoal barbeques identified on member’s balconies.  Board requested the addresses from management so they can follow-up with the owners.
  4. MAINTENANCE & REPAIR ISSUES – Completed or Pending
    1. Cleaning
      Management provided the Board with two additional companies that have the required insurance coverage, just in case the current company doesn’t work out.  The two companies are An Immaculate Touch and Absolute Custom Cleaning.
    2. Pool Opening
      The pool will be opened on May 1.  The cover is off now and the pool company is getting it ready.  Board members are urged to visit the pool at least once a day during the summer to ensure the area is kept clean and safe.  The anti-vortex covers are often removed by kids.   
    1. Lien Update
      Payment plan has been approved and being followed by the homeowner.  If the Board had not intervened, foreclosure would have been imminent.
    2. Security Patrols
      Must have a security service no later than June 1, Bulls proposal for 6 patrols per day was $1,333 which is the only company the Board can afford.  Board must decide the minimum number of patrols per day that are absolutely necessary.  The recommendation made, if affordable, is 8 total patrols, 3 in the day and 5 at night.
    3. Parking Update
      Approximately thirty-five homeowners have registered their vehicles so far.  Once a security company is hired the list will be given to them.  The Board formed a parking committee, consisting of Gary and Mark who will draft the criteria and proposals for regulations.

    1. C.D. for Reserves
      There is currently $30,000 in the Association Money Market Account.  It was M/S/C to open a $10,000 C.D. at 4.7% for 12 month at Western Sierra.
    2. Neighborhood Watch
      The next meeting is on May 9.
    3. Candidates
      There is a correction:  the current directors whose terms are expiring are Marguerite and Mark.
    4. Clubhouse Rentals
      It was M/S/C to approve the following Rates: Gatherings serving food, alcohol and/or over three hours will pay a $40 rental fee (nonrefundable) and a $100 refundable cleaning deposit.   Gatherings under three hours with no food or alcohol will pay a $20 rental fee, no deposit required.  The hours stipulated include set-up and clean-up time of about half-hour each – actual event time would be two hours for the $20.

    Mark Grisby may be out of town for the Annual meeting, if so he will provide a candidate statement ahead of time.  
    1. The Next Board of Directors Meeting is scheduled for May 23, 2006 at 7:30 p.m. at the Clubhouse.
    2. The Back gate is not left open during the day any longer.
    3. Almost forty homeowners still have not picked up a new pool key.
  9. ADJOURNMENT – It was M/S/C to adjourn the meeting at 9:12 p.m.