Park River Oak Estates Homeowner's Association

Meeting Minutes

Park River Oak Estates Homeowners Association
February 27, 2007 Board Meeting MINUTES

Board Members in Attendance:
Marguerite Elia, President
Jocelin Luistro, Secretary
Golda Mainville, Vice President
Marian Wong, Director at Large

Absent Board Member:  Gary Hardesty

Homeowners in Attendance:
Bob and Ann Campbell

Marguerite welcomed all in attendance and called the meeting to order at 7:05pm.

Marguerite distributed the Board minutes from January 23, 2007.  A motion was made by Marian Wong to approve the minutes, seconded by Jocelin Luistro, approved by all.

Marguerite reported that Felicia Louie had distributed flyers regarding the Pocket Neighborhood Emergency Preparedness Event to be held at Kennedy High School. 

Financial Reports
January finances will be reviewed next month.

Marguerite reported that the one lot with a lien filed for bankruptcy in January and may be foreclosing sometime this year.

Litigation settlement problems
Marguerite reported that she met with the HOA attorney on January 2, 2007 and had reached an amicable understanding regarding a compromise on their contracted contingency fees (given numerous circumstances) on February 2, 2007, but the tone changed significantly soon later, which is documented.  The attorney was previously verbally agreeable to lower their contingency fees to 36%, but reversed his posture and took 40% when they could not force Marguerite to green-light a construction defect investigation and possible litigation against SeaStar, Inc.  Marguerite wrote a letter of objection to the attorney for mishandling several issues.  The letter is on file.

Annual meeting changes
The Board discussed new laws governing many Board election changes.  There needs to be a vote on a complete list of election rules before the first steps are allowed to begin.  The HOA must select a nominating committee who will need 30-60 days to solicit candidate statements.  The Board needs 30+ days to mail the statements and ballots to the homeowners, who will have 30 days to submit their ballots before the annual meeting.  There also needs to be three independent election inspectors.  The HOA cannot spend any funds (including mailings or copying) on campaigning, except for the candidate statements which cannot contain defined-campaigning content.  Privately financed campaigning is allowed.  All ballots will be counted by independent inspectors of the elections, publicly.

Wheel stops
Ten wheel stops need to be purchased where cars are driving over plants and irrigation systems.  A motion was made by Marian Wong to approve the purchase, seconded by Golda Mainville, all in favor.

Towing law changes
The property manager received a complaint from a homeowner regarding a vehicle (colored green) that has been parked on the property with a flat tire and expired registration.  The law states that car owners must be given 96 hours written notice prior to being towed at the owner’s expense.  This law was clearly explained in the online Davis-Stirling Newsletter.  Marguerite suggested that all Board Members sign-up for the Davis-Stirling Newsletter from a link on the Park River Oak HOA website. 

Rear dumpster / garbage truck access
At the rear dumpster, garbage  truckdrivers are driving onto the landscaping and destroying some vegetation and part of the irrigation system because there isn’t enough room for the truck.  Marguerite suggested we move the plants and irrigation system over, to pour a wider cement entrance for the trucks.  A motion was made by Marian Wong to approve the work, seconded by Jocelin Luistro, all in favor. 

Spring social update
Marian Wong volunteered to organize an event in May and donate $100.00 for the social, as long as she may advertise her business. The Board thanked Marian for her plans.

Open forum
In response to a homeowner inquiry, the Board discussed window cleanings as currently being an individual owner’s responsibility.  The Board recommended that homeowners hire licensed, bonded contractors with worker’s compensation for this service. The Board recommended that workers also carry their own liability insurance.  The Board discussed a triple insurance responsibility: the contractor, the homeowner, and the HOA. 

The meeting was adjourned at 8:17pm.

Respectfully submitted by Jocelin Luistro