Park River Oak Estates Homeowner's Association

Meeting Minutes

Park River Oak Estates Homeowners Association
June 5, 2007 Board Meeting Minutes

Board Members in Attendance:
Marguerite Elia, President
Jocelin Luistro, Secretary
Golda Mainville, Vice President
Marian Wong, Director at Large
Gary Hardesty, Treasurer

Documents distributed by Marguerite:
Email packet including numerous foreclosure documents such as Resolution to Resolve Personal Obligation (for the Bankruptcy/Foreclosure)
Letter from Old Country Roofing dated May 29, 2007
Operating Account and Reserve Financial Statements dated March 31, 2007

Marguerite called the meeting to order at approximately 7:07pm.

Marian Wong made a motion to approve the April 10, 2007 Minutes.  Gary Hardesty seconded the motion, motion passed all in favor.

Flood Insurance
The Board discussed the difficulty in getting a refund from State Farm for a high-risk flood insurance payment, after FEMA redesignated us as moderate risk.  We had no options but to pay exorbitant high-risk rates through February 16th with no possibility of refunds, but State Farm promised refunds for policies that renewed after the February 21st FEMA redesignation date, because they originally encouraged us to pay them in full when we contacted them with our hesitations.  They were initially optimistic that they could refund the difference.   The HOA received half the refunds from State Farm that they promised and a State Farm representative handling our account has not answered specific questions, has not communicated the problem issues, has not followed-through, and has not been forthright about what they have done to help.  We have been trying to get the refund since mid-April, but minimal efforts only began two months later.

Danny De la Rosa and Old Country Roofing will be repairing the roofs of the 18 original homes.  The new roof proposal price dropped from $264,000.00 to $255,000.00 with 5-years labor warranty and 50-years manufacturer warranty.  These new roofs are being paid for by a lawsuit that we won, specifically for the older homes’ roofs.   100% of the litigation funds went to the roof repairs, for which the funds were intended – with no litigation money left over.   We cannot afford to repair the clubhouse at this time.  We will ask them to cap over-runs at less than 1%, if possible.  Gary Hardesty made a motion to approve the new roof proposal and Marian Wong seconded the motion, motion passed all in favor.

Marguerite and the Board thanked Marian Wong for putting together and sponsoring a successful social.  There were approximately 21 attendees and Marian did a fantastic job and was very generous.

Marguerite informed the Board that a home foreclosed on April 2, 2007.  The new owner is the Bank of New York in Simi Valley, purchasing the home for $297000, through Recontrust Inc.

The Board has two options, either to assign the old debt to ASAP (collection agency) and give them full authority to settle the account, or the other option is to handle the foreclosure directly through an attorney and pay ASAP’s unpaid fees.

Following a discussion, Gary Hardesty made a motion to approve the first option, Golda Mainville seconded the motion, motion passed all in favor.

There appears to be two homes on the property with deep fat fryers on their balconies, which is a fire hazard.  The Fire Marshall stated they are the worst fire-risk on the market.  Fire safety codes require that they must be at least 10 feet away from any structure.  Marian Wong volunteered to check to see if the pots are actually Smokers, which are not the same fire hazard.

Some owners requested a fan for the clubhouse exercise room.  Marguerite researched that a quality, appropriate clubhouse fan for the workout room would cost approximately $280.00, including labor costs.  Gary Hardesty made a motion to purchase a fan and its installation, Golda Mainville seconded the motion, motion passed all in favor.

There were two more homes on the property with beehives in stucco holes.  There were approximately 25,000 bees in each hive.   SeaStar agreed to repair the holes on the two homes and paid for the lift.  The HOA paid for the actual bee removal.  Insulation will prevent bees from coming back. 

Security camera
The cost for two security cameras at the gate was $4000.  Tamper-proof and effective out-door cameras in remote locations are much more complicated to install than indoor security cameras, or those attached to the outside of a central building.  An expert security company examined several locations and determined that useful outdoor cameras are virtually impossible in most places on our property.  A new location that would work for future consideration of additional cameras is the clubhouse. 

Gary Hardesty made a motion to approve purchase of two security cameras, Golda Mainville seconded the motion, motion passed all in favor.

The Board discussed recent gate repairs, and vandalism of the vehicle gates and pedestrian doors.  The opening machinery for the front gate was broken and showed clear evidence of being vandalized (big dents and hit-marks) from the inside of the property.  A kick-plate and spring-systems were installed on pedestrian doors.  The Board discussed safety issues and keeping the perimeter doors closed, as some people have used rocks and debris to keep them open, while others have jammed the lock areas.  The Board may include this information in a letter.

Dead grass
Marguerite made a proposal to remove the large bald grass-less area from between the mailboxes and clubhouse parking spaces and replace with bark and a tree.  Jocelin Luistro made a motion to approve, Gary Hardesty seconded the motion, motion passed all in favor.

Volunteer needed
A volunteer is needed to enter phone numbers into the gate intercom, as there are new owners and renters on the property who would like their names added.

The meeting adjourned at 8:30pm.

Respectfully submitted by Jocelin Luistro.