Park River Oak Estates Homeowner's Association

Meeting Minutes

August 12,  2010 Park River Oaks Estates HOA Board minutes

ATTENDED:  Marguerite Elia, President; Eric Olsen, Vice-President; Darrell Hamamoto, Secretary

Executive Session portion of the Meeting was brought to order at 4:30 pm. Quorum met.


  1.  Lien Resolution:   Board unanimously voted “Yes” on imposing the lien on APN 031-1470-028, as mentioned  above,  and passed the resolution provided by Pro-Solutions.
  2.  Gutter Cleaning:   Board unanimously voted “Yes” to hire Paul Komarchuk to clean gutters around November.  See proposal.
  3. Spa Heater:   Board unanimously voted “Yes” to replace spa heater in January 2011, and accepted a bid not to exceed $3,000, in total.    Some vandalism from residents may have contributed to the heater’s complete demise.    There have been 4 incidents of vandalism that we know about this summer, by residents, at the pool.
  4. HOA Bank Accounts:   The HOA has $XXXXX total at two different banks; Wells Fargo & Chase.   M. Elia will ask D. Tanigawa to advise us on how to move money for the best possible interest rates, including opening another CD for up to $XXXX.    Eric Olsen will accompany M. Elia for the transfer of funds to a new bank to be determined after consultation with Tanigawa.
  5. Vending Machine:  Resident  XXXXXX    proposes a vending machine to be placed within swimming pool area.  No rental fees involved; he has an extra machine to offer.   Discussion centered on chronic littering and vandalism problems of residents at the pool.   Board unanimously voted “no” to proposal.
  6. City Council candidate Eric Chin wants to meet board members.  We are not available at this time, but we will cultivate ties with elected officials in the future.

Meeting adjourned at 6:15 pm.

Submitted by Darrell Hamamoto, Secretary.