Park River Oak Estates Homeowner's Association

Meeting Minutes

November 23, 2011 Park River Oaks Estates HOA Board Minutes

ATTENDED:  Marguerite Elia, President; Eric Olsen, Vice-President; Darrell Hamamoto, Secretary; Greg Watanabe, Treasurer

ABSENT:  Kevin Brown

Marguerite Elia (Elia) called meeting called to order 7:00 pm.  Quorum was met.


  1. Election of Board Officers:  Nominations for positions were solicited. Marguerite Elia was nominated for President; Eric Olsen for Vice-President; Darrell Hamamoto for Secretary; Greg Watanabe as Treasurer.
  2. Response to Requests and Proposals from Members:  The annual PRO HOA meeting resulted in certain requests from members in attendance.
    1. Jerry Kosan  (maintenance person) & Elia walked the property to assess the request for additional lighting.  They discovered that a bulb had burned out.  Kosan stated that to install new lights in most locations would involve massive excavation for installation; costing many thousands of dollars.  But he can install one light fixture near the dumpsters for approximately $1000.00, inclusive of all costs for wiring a new location.

      Kosan is fully licensed, bonded; certified.  Unanimous vote in favor of the one location at $1000.00.

    2. Regarding the suggestion by unit 7772 to either relocate the recycling containers or construct a building to hide them from direct view:  In response to query from Elia, Paul Komarchuk  says that a structure cannot be properly built on asphalt.  A concrete foundation is required.  In addition,  a reinforced structure is required by building code.  Each U-shaped (only one half) structure would cost approximately 4,000.00.  Very specific construction code must be adhered to.

      Elia has priced out recycling bins and other disposal related costs.  We currently have cheapest configuration of services contracted with the waste disposal company.

      Greg Watanabe asked: why not place recycling bins in respective trash areas?  Elia says householders will not follow rules to use recycling bins for recycling and trash bins for trash, despite all her efforts at education.  Also, householders are still putting furniture in dumpsters, so all the current trash bins are needed to accommodate needs.   The Board agreed to table this decision until early 2012, and will likely agree to one new enclosure at $4,000.

  3. One owner who chronically abuses the fire-lanes and has been the object of many complaints by other owners for his abuses, complained about Paladin security service for the monitoring of his parking in fire-lanes.  Board members were satisfied with security service by Paladin.
  4. Gutter Cleaning:  This will cost about $20,000.  Straight Line Roofing is the preferred contractor.  They did a major cleaning about two years ago.  Elia will ask Straight Line Roofing (Jack Borba) to take photographs for possible use in the legal against Sea Star construction company.
  5. Miscellaneous:  Our structural engineer  Colby led a meeting with Haydu, and Sea Star earlier in November and handled himself well.
  6. Actions: 
    1. Board members voted unanimously that light fixture is to be installed if it costs about $1,000.
    2. Elia will initiate gutter cleaning by Straight Line Roofing.   Unanimous vote for allocation of about $20,000 in funds.
    3. Surveillance camera might have to be moved to accommodate light fixture installation.  This might cost  between $200.00-300.00.  Board voted unanimously to approve this expense.

Meeting adjourned 8:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Darrell Hamamoto