Park River Oak Estates Homeowner's Association

Meeting Minutes

Park River Oak Estates HOA Membership Meeting Minutes 
5:00pm Sunday, December 16th, 2018


1.  Call to Order
            a.  by Marguerite Elia, HOA President
            b.  Introduction of those present

2.  Present
            a.  Marguerite Elia, President; Ron Colton, Vice-President; Brent Cho, Treasurer
            b.  Election Officials:  Mike Mullins, Jim Williams, Golda Mainville
            c.  Community members:  refer to sign-in sheet
3.  Agenda
            a.  Election Results, two ballots
            b.  Review of 2018
            c.  Review of 2019 Budget
            d.  Open Discussion Period; Adjournment
            e.  Executive Session

4.  Elections
            a.  CC&Rs Amendment to Limit Rentals
                        1.  Total ballots cast:  58
                        2.  Votes in favor:  52;  Votes opposed:  6.  Amendment passed, effective immediately.
            b.  Officers to fill two Board Seats
                        1.  Total ballots cast:  38
                        2.  Votes for Margo Elia:  35; Votes for Ron Colton:  26;  Only two candidates, both elected.
            c.  Ballots establish meeting quorum
5.  Review of 2018 and 2019 Budget
            a.  Margo presented an explanation of our HOA organization as new owners were present
                        1.  We are a PUD (Planned Unit Development) townhome community
                                    a.  Owners own their individual lots and everything above.
                                    b.  As opposed to a private residence, HOA must meet commercial standards
                                                1.  Swimming pool very strict commercial pool standards
                                                2.  Anybody who works on site must be properly licensed and insured.
                        2.  HOA provides roof maintenance but all internal of building is owner responsibility
                                    a.  Owners, for example, responsible for windows, screens, front doors, balconies,
                                    b.  HOA does site pest control but owners responsible for internal pest control
                        3.  Owners must have adequate insurance to protect internal building structure and finishes.
                        4.  HOA enforces CCRs and health & safety restrictions such as no barbecues on decks.
            b.  With passage of rental limitation, three pending sales will have to comply to the Amendment
                        1.  Two of these sales were former rentals
                        2.  This will reduce our current percentage of rentals
            c.  Rental issues were on the forefront in 2018
                        1.  Issues included late night noise, pool disturbances, and parking issues.
                        2.  Two tenants ran business out of their homes that generated neighbor complaints.
                                    a.  HOA, by law, must respond and take appropriate action
            d.  Yeager Litigation
                        1.  Judgment in favor of HOA, Yeager's owe dues for services received
                        2.  Yeagers can't hide behind CYV LLC, their financial obligation remains the same.
                                    a.  This allows HOA to pursue all remedies including collection and liens.
            e.  HOA hired new attorney, Adams-Stirling.  They are the preeminent HOA law firm in CA.
            f.   Budget Review
                        1.  Biggest changes will be decrease in legal and increase in site security.
                        2.  Current reserves approximately $951,000.00

6.  Questions and Comments
            a.  Can pool could be open all year?
                        1.  Margo explained how leaves and debris from oak trees plug filter, ruin pump and change the                            water's ph so that it can't pass County requirements.  This limits time pool can be open.
            b.  Can pool be opened earlier?
                        1.  Last year the pool opening was delayed due to a change in anti-siphon drain cover                                                                  requirements but this year the pool should be open in mid-April.
            c.  It was requested to look at improving landscaping at areas impacted by water cut backs.
                        1.  Margo said the Board will look at those locations.
7.  Adjournment
            a.  Marguerite adjourned general membership meeting at approximately 5:55 P.M.

8.  Executive Session
            a.  As only three of five Board members were able to attend, the meeting was postponed.
            b.  Meeting date to be determined.
            Respectfully submitted by Ron Colton