Park River Oak Estates Homeowner's Association

Meeting Minutes

Park River Oak Estates Board of Directors Minutes

6:00pm Saturday, August 10th, 2019

  1. Call to Order by Marguerite Elia, President
  2. Board Members Present:  Marguerite Elia, Ron Colton, Eddie Tong, Brent Cho, Jack Schroeder (arrived after voting, and was briefed on discussions, did not disagree with voting results)
  3. Agenda
    1. Yeager debt
    2. Security patrols and cameras
    3. Fire lane abuser
  1. Yeager debt
    1. Small Claims Court not practical due to total monetary award limits and time commitment required.
    2. Superior Court filing not appropriate as the basis of case has already been adjudicated twice.
    3. Unanimous vote for Margo to contact Adams Stirling to seek counsel and advice on the following:
      1. How should we proceed going forward?
      2. If this is a collections issue, how do we enforce future assessments awarded by the courts?
      3. Locate a local, knowledgeable, and aggressive attorney recommended by the Adams Stirling firm.
  2. Security Patrols
    1. Margo, after many contacts and interviews, identified a strong company to provide bid for security at a reasonable price.   Unanimous vote to hire new security company at the end of Allied Universal’s contract.
  3. Cameras
    1. Collecting bids and proposals for cameras inside clubhouse, outside of clubhouse, at pool, on most internal Park River streets, and at mailboxes.
    2. Advised that camera at pool is within our right, Margo to confirm with attorney.
    3. Bid to include updating the four front vehicle gate cameras and adding an additional camera aiming south, into the community.
    4. Adding cameras at east vehicle gate residence will be explored further.
    5. Adding cameras at other locations, specifically at dumpsters is not economically feasible at this time.
    6. Unanimous vote for Margo to proceed on obtaining firm bid for clubhouse-mounted and other cameras as stated above.
    7. Must add internet access to clubhouse, possibly a new phone line, and a computer system to run cameras.
  4. Fire lane abusers
    1. Unanimous vote for Margo to send letters to repetitive fire lane abusers
  5. Landscaping items
    1. Tree service scheduled for early September
      1. Unanimous vote to pay additional $800+ for trimming birch trees and removing diseased pear tree
      2. Prune and monitor Cottonwood tree by rear gate that has dropped branches
    2. Unanimous vote to add small river rocks to cover dirt areas of various planters throughout community, similar to that at clubhouse.
  6. Adjournment
    1. Marguerite adjourned meeting at approximately 7:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Ron Colton