Park River Oak Estates Homeowner's Association

Meeting Minutes

Park River Oak Estates Board of Directors Meeting

November 11, 2019, 4:00 p.m.

Present: Marguerite Elia, Eddie Tong, Jack Schroeder, Ron Colton
Absent: Brent Cho

Ron wondered if when there are uncontested elections we could skip the election process and appoint members by acclamation.  This would save money.  We will ask the attorneys if that is illegal or legal.
The HOA believes that cumulative voting no longer exists and is illegal.  We will ask the attorneys. 
The Board voted to approve restated election rules as required, in compliance with the laws per our attorneys.

The Board approved restating of bylaws, as summarized by Adam Stirling’s recommendations.

The Board will offer an opt out email privacy statement to all homeowners, per recommendation by our attorneys.

The Board should require that all new dwellings are properly permitted by the city. The Board approved a fine for uninspected and approved ADUs.  The Board approved requiring an impact fee for ADUs at the highest possible level.  The HOA will require that a lease be on file for ADU dwellers.  Air B&B rentals are not allowed.

The Board recommends that charging stations be required to be up to code and the Board will require a copy of city approval.   More conditions will be added by the attorneys.

The Board will enforce strict conditions and restrictions on the installation of solar panels on homes and will check with an attorney for guidelines and legality.  Solar system must be owned, not leased. 

The Board will establish a communication policy which favors formal written communications.

The Board will check with an attorney to see whether any changes are required. 

The Election Inspector should be reduced to one, from three.  He or she cannot be compensated. 

The Board approves the following attorney services provided in a package from Adam Stirling:
New Election Rules Package
Restated Bylaws -
ADU Policy/Amendment
Anti-Harassment Policy          
Electric Vehicle Charging Station Policy
Solar Policy
Communication Policy
Disability Accommodation Request Policy

Minutes submitted by Jack Schroeder, HOA Secretary