Park River Oak Estates Homeowner's Association

Meeting Minutes

Park River Oak Estates HOA Membership Meeting
Sunday, November 17, 2019

Introduction of attendees

Board members present: Marguerite Elia, Ron Colton, Eddie Tong, Brent Cho, Jack Schroeder, plus numerous members of the Park River Oak Estates Community.  All present introduced themselves.  Meeting began at 5:05pm

Quorum was met and established by the 39 ballots in good standing received.  Additionally, one ballot was received that was not in good standing, because of dues delinquency.  

The entire election procedure will change next year to conform to new California laws. 

The rental limitation amendment was successful.  The number of rental units has been reduced by four.  There are currently 24 rentals in the complex.

Election Tabulations by the Inspectors of the Election

Mike Mullins, Jim Williams and Golda Mainville served as Inspectors of the Election and counted the ballots.  There are three open board positions.

Thirty-nine valid votes were submitted.  Brent Cho and Jack Schroeder were reelected to the Board of Directors.

The Year in Review

A major tree trimming project of over 50 trees was completed this year by licensed arborists, lasting 7 full business days.  Also, seventeen high quality security cameras were added all around the community.   Cameras at the pool are legal and recommended because of the risk of drowning, and the history of reckless behaviors in violation of posted rules at the pool. 

Enforcement of pool regulations continues to be a problem.  There are new security cameras covering the pool to help us.  There has been resistance to showing pool passes which identify legal residents.  Alcohol and unsupervised children continue to be persistent problems.  Everyone has many excuses that do not change the Sacramento County rules, and every violation endangers pool users and this community.  There have been no corrections through warnings.  Fines are imperative to get any compliance at all.  Every single violator argues their exceptionalism.

The current security company has been doing a better job than previous companies. 

2020 Budget

There is a new Internet fee for the security cameras.  We expect legal costs to rise due to changes in state laws requiring new amendments to the bylaws of all HOAs.  Security costs have decreased this year and service has improved.  Garbage collection and recycling have gone up this year, universally across the city.  The Reserve Fund is strong at this time, although we must still build it up more for the eventual replacement of 64 out of 82 roofs. .

General Membership Meeting Adjournment, 6:00pm

Respectfully submitted by Jack Schroeder, HOA Secretary