Park River Oak Estates Homeowner's Association


Recitals and Definitions


[1.1] Section 1. Name of Association. 
            The name of this corporation is Park River Oaks Homeowner’s Association and shall be referred to herein as the “Association.”

[1.2] Section 2. Association Is Nonprofit.
            The Association has been formed pursuant to the California Nonprofit Mutual Benefit Corporation Law (Corporations Code sections 7110-8970) as a nonprofit mutual benefit corporation.

[1.3] Section 3 Specific Purpose. 
            The specific and primary purpose of this Association shall be to repair, maintain, and manage the Common Area and Common Facilities within that certain real estate common interest development located in the County of Sacramento, State of California, and commonly referred to as Park River Oaks Estates, to enforce the Rules and Regulations adopted by the Board of Directors, from time to time, and the terms and conditions of the Declaration and otherwise to enhance and promote the use and enjoyment of the Common Areas and Common Facilities by the Owners in common.

[1.4] Section 4. Definitions.
(a) County.
            The term “County” means the County of Sacramento, State of California.
(b) Declaration.
            The term “Declaration” means all restrictions, covenants, terms and conditions set forth in the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions ~corded in the Office of the Sacramento County Recorder with respect to the Properties it Book Page —, Official Records of said County, as such Declaration may from time to time be supplemented, amended or modified by a subsequent Declaration, or amendment thereto, duly recorded in said Recorder’s Office.
(c) Majority of a Quorum.
            “Majority of a Quorum” means the vote of a majority of the votes cast at a meeting or by written ballot when the number of Members attending the membership meeting or the number of written ballots cast equals or exceeds the quorum requirement specified in Article V, Section 5, below.
            In the case of membership meetings, the voting power of a particular Member may be represented at the meeting by proxy (see Article IV, Section 5, below.
(d) Office of the Recorder.
            The term “Office of the Recorder” means the Office of the Recorder, County of Sacramento, State of California.
(e) Person.
            The term “Person” means and includes any individual, corporation, partnership, association or other entity recognized by the laws of the State of California.
(f) Voting Power.
            The term “Voting Power” means those Members who are eligible to vote for the election of Directors or with respect to any other matter, issue, or proposal properly presented to the Members for approval at the time any determination of voting power is made.
(g) Definitions Incorporated by Reference.
            The terms defined in the Declaration shall have the same meaning when used herein unless the context clearly indicates a contrary intention.