Park River Oak Estates Homeowner's Association




[3.1] Section 1.  Members of the Association.
            Every Owner of a Lot within the Properties is a Member of the Association. Membership in the Association is appurtenant to, and may not be separated from, ownership of any Lot.

[3.2] Section 2. Term of Membership. 
            Each Owner who is a Member shall remain a Member until he or she no longer qualifies as such under Article M, Section 1, above. Upon the sale, conveyance or other transfer of an Owner’s interest in a Lot, the Owner’s membership interest appurtenant to the Lot shall automatically transfer to the Lot’s new Owner(s).

[3.3] Section 3. Multiple Ownership of Lots. 
            Ownership of a Lot shall give rise to a single membership vote in the Association. Accordingly, if more than one person owns a Lot, all of these persons shall be deemed to be one Member for voting purposes, although all such Owners shall have equal rights as Members to use and enjoy the Common Areas and Common Facilities. The Secretary of the Association shall be notified in writing of the Owner designated by his or her Co-Owners as having the sole right to vote the membership on their behalf. If no such notification is received the secretary may accept the vote of any Owner of Record or proxy holder of such an Owner as the vote attributable to the Lot in question, provided that if the multiple Owners of a Lot attempt to vote the membership attributable to said Lot in an inconsistent fashion, the Secretary or other person or persons designated as inspectors of election by the Board of Directors may refuse to count any ballot pertaining to the Lot.

[3.4] Section 4. Furnishing Evidence of Membership. 
            A person shall not be entitled to exercise the rights of a Member until such person has advised the Secretary in writing that he or she is qualified to be a Member under Article III, Section 1, above, and, if requested by the Secretary, has provided the secretary with evidence of such qualification in the form of a copy of a recorded grant deed (certified by the Office of the Recorder) or a currently effective policy of title insurance. Exercise of membership rights shall be further subject to the rules regarding record dates for notice, voting, and actions by written ballot and eligibility for voting set forth in Article V. Section 8.