Park River Oak Estates Homeowner's Association


Membership Rights


Subject to the provisions hereof and the provisions of the Declaration, the Members shall have the following rights:

[6.1] Section 1. Use and Enjoyment of Common Areas by Members and Family.
             Each Member and the members of his or her family who also reside in the Member’s Residence shall be entitled to the use and enjoyment of all Common Areas, roads, and Common Facilities within the Properties.

[6.2] Section 2. Tenants and Lessees.
(a) Assignment of Rights Generally.
            Each Member shall have the right to assign his or her rights as a Member (other than voting rights) to a tenant residing within the Member’s Residence. Such assignment shall be effective only so long as said tenant is residing in said Residence and is in compliance with the Declaration and the Association’s Rules in effect at that time. At all times the Owner shall remain responsible for compliance by Owner’s lessee or tenant with the provisions of the Governing Documents. Without limiting the foregoing, reference is specifically made to Article II, Section 3 of the Declaration for additional Tenant and lease restrictions.
(b) Effectiveness of Assignment.
            Assignment of an Owner’s right to use the Common Facilities (other than roads) to a tenant or lessee shall not be effective until such time as the Owner-Member has given the Secretary written notice thereof setting forth the name of the assignee and the members of his or her family who will be entitled to the use and enjoyment of the Common Areas, Common Facilities, and roads within the Properties by virtue of the assignment.
(c) Restriction on Lessor’s Use of Certain Common Areas and Facilities.
            During the period of any lease or rental of a Lot, any Owner not residing within the Properties shall not be entitled to use the recreational Common Areas or Common Facilities except to the extent reasonably necessary to perform the usual responsibilities of a landlord or to ensure or gain compliance by the tenant with the requirements of these Bylaws and of the Declaration, unless the Lessor-Owner is contemporaneously residing on another Lot within the Properties.

[6.3] Section 3. Invitees and Guests.
             The invitees and guests of a Member shall have the right to use and enjoy the Common Areas, Common Facilities, and roads within the Properties, as long as the guest or invitee is in the company and supervision of the Member. Any such guest or invitee shall be subject to the same obligations imposed on the Owner to observe the rules, restrictions, and regulations of the Association as set forth in the Governing Documents.

[6.4] Section 4. Association Rules and Regulations.
             The right of any person to use and enjoy the Common Areas and Common Facilities shall at all times be subject to the rules, limitations, and restrictions set forth herein, in the Declaration, and in the Association’s published Rules and Regulations as promulgated by the Board from time to time. With the exception of the right of use of any roads, the Board shall have the right to impose monetary penalties or to suspend the use and enjoyment of any Common Area and Common Facilities for the failure of a Member to pay any Assessments when due under the Declaration, or to comply with any other rule or regulation imposed upon such Member, his or her tenants or guests, pursuant to the Governing Documents, provided, however, that any such suspension shall be imposed only after such person has been afforded the notice and hearing rights more particularly described in Article XIV of the Declaration.