Park River Oak Estates Homeowner's Association


Duties and Powers of the Board


[9.1] Section 1. Specific Powers.
             Without prejudice to the general powers of the Board of Directors set forth in Article VII, Section 1, the Directors shall have the power to:
(a) Exercise all powers vested in the Board under the Governing Documents and under the laws of the State of California.
(b) Appoint and remove all Officers of the Association, the General Manager of the Association, if any, and other Association employees; prescribe any powers and duties for such persons that are consistent with law, the Articles of Incorporation, and these Bylaws; and fix their compensation.
(c) Appoint such agents and employ such other employees, including attorneys and accountants, as it sees fit to assist in the operation of the Association, and to fix their duties and to establish their compensation.
(d) Adopt and establish Rules and Regulations subject to the provisions of the Declaration, governing the use of the Common Areas, the Common Facilities and roads within the Properties, and the personal conduct of the Members and their guests thereon, and take such steps as it deems necessary for the enforcement of such Rules and Regulations, including the imposition of monetary penalties and/or the suspension of voting rights and the right to use any Common Areas or Common Facilities; provided notice and a hearing are provided as more particularly set forth in Article XVI of the Declaration. Rules and Regulations adopted by the Board may contain reasonable variations and distinctions as between Owners and Tenants.
(e) Enforce all applicable provisions of the Governing Documents relating to the control, management, and use of the Residences within the Properties and the Common Areas, Common Facilities, and the roads within the Properties.
(f) Contract for and pay premiums for fire, casualty, liability, and other insurance and bonds (including indemnity bonds) that may be required from time to time by the Association.
(g) Contract for and pay for maintenance, landscaping, utilities, materials, supplies, labor, and services that may be required from time to time in relation to the Common Areas and other portions of the Properties which the Association is obligated to maintain.
(h) Pay all taxes, special assessments and other assessments, and charges that are
or would become a lien on any portion of the Common Areas.
(i) Contract for and pay for construction or reconstruction of any portion or portions of the Properties that have been damaged or destroyed and that are to be rebuilt by the Association.
(j) Delegate its duties and powers hereunder to the Officers of the Association or to committees established by the Board, subject to the limitations expressed in Article X, Section 1.
(k) Levy and collect Assessments from the Members of the Association in accordance with the Declaration and establish and collect reasonable use charges for any or all of the recreational Common Facilities as the Board may deem necessary or desirable from time to time for the purpose of equitably allocating among the users the cost of maintenance and operation thereof.
(l) Perform all acts required of the Board under the Declaration.
(m) Prepare budgets and maintain a full set of books and records showing the financial condition of the affairs of the Association in a manner consistent with generally accepted accounting principles, and at no greater than annual intervals prepare an annual financial report, a copy of which shall be delivered to each Member as provided in Article XII, Section 5.
(n) Appoint a nominating committee for the nomination of persons to be elected to the Board and prescribe rules under which said nominating committee is to act, as described in Article VII, Section 4.
(o) Appoint such other committees as it deems necessary from time to time in connection with the affairs of the Association in accordance with Article X, including members of the architectural committee described and constituted in accordance with Article V of the declaration.
(p) Fill vacancies on the Board of Directors or in any committee, except a vacancy created by the removal of a Board Member.
(q) Open bank accounts and borrow money on behalf of the Association and designate the signatories to such bank accounts.
(r) Bring and defend actions on behalf of more than one Member or the Association to protect the interests of the Members or the Association, as such, as long as the action is pertinent to the operations of the Association, and assess the Members for the cost of such litigation. Any disciplinary action against a Member shall be subject to the hearing and procedural requirements set forth in Article XVI of the Declaration.
(s) Enter Residences as necessary, subject to the notice requirements of Article Ill, Section 6 of the Declaration, in connection with construction, maintenance, or emergency repairs for the benefit of the Common Areas, Common Facilities or the Owners in common.

[9.2] Section 2. Limitations on Powers.
            Without the vote or written assent of a majority of the voting power of the Members, the Board of Directors shall not take any of the following actions:
(a) Enter into a contract with a third party for the furnishing of goods or services to the Common Area or the Association for a term longer than one year. This restriction shall not apply to
(i) FHA or VA-approved management contracts;
(ii) public utility contracts in which the rates charged for materials or services are regulated by the Public Utilities Commission, provided that the term of the contract may not exceed the shortest term for which the supplier will contract at the regulated rate;
(iii) prepaid casualty or liability insurance policies not to exceed three years’ duration, provided that the policies provide for short-rate cancellation by the insured;
(iv) lease agreements for laundry room fixtures and equipment not to exceed five years’ duration;
(v) agreements for cable television services and equipment or satellite dish television services and equipment not to exceed five years’ duration; or
(vi) agreements for sale or lease of burglar alarm and fire alarm equipment, installation and services not to exceed five years’ duration.
(b) Incur aggregate expenditures for capital improvements to the Common Areas in any fiscal year in excess of 5 percent of the budgeted gross expenses of the Association for that fiscal year, provided, however, that this limitation shall not apply to the expenditure of any funds accumulated in a reserve fund for capital replacement or new capital improvements so long as the expenditure is for the purpose for which the fund was established.
(c) Sell during any fiscal year property of the Association having an aggregate fair market value greater than 5 percent of the budgeted gross expenses of the Association for that year provided, however, that this limitation shall not apply to the sale or other disposition of Lots acquired by the Association in foreclosure proceedings.
(d) Pay compensation to members of the Board of Directors or officers of the Association; provided that Directors, and officers can be reimbursed for reasonable out-of-pocket expenses, verified in writing, incurred in the discharge of their duties.
(e) Fill any vacancy on the Board of Directors created by the removal of a Director.
(f) Any action to impose a special assessment or to increase the regular assessment under circumstances requiring Member approval under Article IV of the Declaration.
(g) Any action to amend these Bylaws the Articles of Incorporation or the Declaration, except for any amendments permitted by Board action alone pursuant to Article XIII below.