Park River Oak Estates Homeowner's Association




[10.1] Section 1. Committees of Directors.
            In addition to the nominating committee appointed and constituted pursuant to Article VII, Section 4 of these Bylaws and the Architectural Committee appointed and constituted pursuant to the Declaration, the Board may, by resolution adopted by a majority of the Directors then in office, designate one or more committees, each consisting of two or more Members (who may also be Directors), to serve at the pleasure of the Board. Committees shall have all the authority of the Board with respect to matters within their area of assigned responsibility, except that no committee, regardless of Board resolution, may:
(a) Take any final action on any matter that, under the California Nonprofit Mutual Benefit Corporation Law, also requires approval of the Members.
(b) Fill vacancies on the Board of Directors or on any committee that has been delegated any authority of the Board.
(c) Amend or repeal Bylaws or adopt new Bylaws.
(d) Amend or repeal any resolution of the Board of Directors that by its express terms is not so amendable or repealable.
(e) Appoint any other committees of the Board of Directors or the members of those committees.
(f) Expend Association funds to support a nominee for Director after there are more people nominated for Director than can be elected.
(g) Approve any transaction
(i) to which the Association is a party and one or more Directors have a material financial interest; or
(ii) between the Association and one or more of its Directors or between the Association or any person in which one or more of its Directors have a material financial interest.

[10.2] Section 2. Meetings and Actions of Committees.
            Meetings and actions of committees shall be governed by, and held and taken in accordance with, the provisions of Article IX of these Bylaws, concerning meetings of Directors, with such changes in the context of those Bylaws as are necessary to substitute the committee and its members for the Board of Directors and its members, except that the time for regular meetings of committees may be determined either by resolution of the Board of Directors or by resolution of the committee. Special meetings of committees may also be called by resolution of the Board of Directors. Notice of special meetings of committees shall also be given to any and all alternate members, who shall have the light to attend all meetings of the committee. Minutes shall be kept of each meeting of any committee and shall be filed with the Association records. The Board of Directors may adopt rules not inconsistent with the provisions of these Bylaws for the governance of any committee.

[10.3] Section 3. Effect of Committee Actions.
            Unless otherwise expressly provided in the Governing Documents or in the Board resolution authorizing and empowering a committee, all actions of any committee shall be considered advisory to the Board and shall be scheduled on the agenda of the Board meeting next following the committee’s action or decision for affirmation, rescission, or modifications as the Board in its discretion deems appropriate.