Park River Oak Estates Homeowner's Association


Non-sever ability of Component Interests

[13.1] Section 1. Severance Prohibited. An Owner shall not be entitled to sever his or her Townhouse in any Lot from his or her membership in the Association, and shall not be entitled to sever his or her Townhouse or his or her membership from the Owner’s undivided interest in the Common Area for any purpose. None of the component interests in a Lot can be severally sold, conveyed, encumbered, hypothecated, or otherwise dealt with; and any violation or attempted violation of this provision shall be void. Similarly, no Owner can sever any exclusive easement appurtenant to his or her Townhouse over the Common Area from the Owner’s Lot, and any attempt to do so shall be void. The suspension of such right of sever ability will not extend beyond the period set forth in article XII respecting the suspension of partition.

[13.2] Section 2. Limitation on Interests Conveyed. After the initial sales of the Lots, unless otherwise expressly stated, any conveyance of a Townhouse or any portion of it by an Owner shall be presumed to convey the entire Lot. However, nothing contained in this section 2 shall preclude the Owner of any Lot estate from creating an estate for life or an estate for years or from creating a co tenancy or joint tenancy in the ownership of the Lot with any other person or persons.