Park River Oak Estates Homeowner's Association

Rules for using the Park River Oak Clubhouse

The Clubhouse is like all Clubhouses and is strictly off limits for anyone’s personal use except by prior-approval by the Board of Directors. No part of the clubhouse can be used for any amount of time by anyone without paying rental fees, paying a cleaning deposit, and signing a contract with management. The exception is the bathrooms and the exercise rooms which is available for legal residents only, but there are still time restrictions, curfews, no food is allowed anywhere ever, and proper conduct is mandatory. The kitchen and living area is completely off-limits to everyone except for elected-Director’s meetings.

If you are not named on a Park River Grant Deed or specifically named on a legal rental lease, you are not entitled to walk in the door. The exercise room is especially 100% off-limits to non-residents under all circumstances. If you give your key to a non-resident, you are responsible for all damages and you will be charged rental fees, even if there is no rental request – because they are not supposed to be there in the first place. If they are your friends or family members, with or without a key, you will also be charged for their conduct. Anyone who is not on a Park River Oak (PRO) Grant Deed, or not named on a legal PRO rental lease is an illegal trespasser.

Under no circumstances are the following items allowed, even for party rentals. Fines begin at $50.00 per incident:

  1. No amount and no type of alcohol, or cigarette smoking allowed.
  2. No type of barbecue devices allowed in, or around the clubhouse.
  3. No unsupervised child under the age of 16 years old, due to fire hazards
  4. No type of petting zoo, or social event involving animals, except for a service dog.
  5. No form of drugs of any type.
  6. No inclusion of the pool; the pool is not available for rentals.
  7. No type of specific usage not explicitly approved by the Board of Directors.

The Clubhouse is private property of the Board of Directors, as are all Clubhouses. The clubhouse is not an entitlement, it is a privilege. We have rental packages that begin at $50 for the simplest of rental parties with zero usage of the kitchen or hot foods, and no decorations or added equipment. Business-related events, or events with hot food and beverages, and alterations of any type will be charged at $100.00. Intermediate events are at $75.00. Cleaning deposits begin at $250, and go higher for higher-rate rentals. The clubhouse must be returned to outstanding cleanliness, detailed by the signed-contract, and determined by management, not the renter.

We do not want our dues to be increased to cover damage and/or theft. Thank you for your cooperation.