Park River Oak Estates Homeowner's Association

Park River Oak Estates Pool and Clubhouse RULES (these issues HAVE happened)

  1. No Unauthorized parties or events, at either clubhouse or pool, that do not have a signed and pre-paid official Park River Oak Estates contract for events or parties, formally authorized by management, in writing. You will be charged full rental fees, plus $100 for not getting permission.
  2. Any group of 6 or more is considered an “event.” One family was granted a formal Board of Director’s exemption because they have 6 children in the family. Call ahead to check.
  3. No Alcohol or drugs present in any quantity or form, at either the pool or clubhouse, even hidden.
  4. No Weapons of any type (happened once)
  5. No Living in, or sleeping at, or using the Clubhouse as a motel/hotel, or a daycare in any way
  6. Unsupervised children at pool, 14 years old or younger, not even for “10 minutes.” Over 18 years old Adults must be present full-time. Must be 16 years or older for the clubhouse due to dangerous exercise equipment.
  7. No Glass or ceramic containers in any form. No breakable materials of any type at the pool area.
  8. No Food of any type at the pool; No beverages other than water in plastic containers in the clubhouse or the pool area. Food debris inside the pool changes its Ph levels.
  9. No Food or cooking in the clubhouse other than at official contracted and pre-paid clubhouse rentals
  10. No BBQs at or Fire-making devices near either the clubhouse, pool, or any part of the common areas.
  11. No smoking of cigarettes or smoking other substance inside the Clubhouse or at the pool
  12. No Dogs inside the pool area or clubhouse (unless Service Dogs where we receive a hard copy of the medical document designating them as service animals).
  13. No pushing, shoving, fighting, yelling, rough-housing in the pool area, or in or near the clubhouse, or inside the pool or spa.
  14. Service animals must be on leash at all times, and owners must FULLY clean up after them.
  15. No unauthorized furniture moved into the pool or clubhouse. Removable lawn chairs are okay.
  16. No excessive noise or loud music disrupting the peace of nearby neighbors, even during the daytime
  17. No copying, nor sharing passes or keys with strangers, or non-residents, including family members.
  18. No use of any facilities after 10:00pm curfew, or before 8:00 a.m.
  19. No leaving guests or non-residents in pool/spa area or clubhouse for any time, without your full-time presence
  20. No excluding of lawful residents from the pool, because you want to monopolize the pool or spa.
  21. No use of pool or clubhouse without official Park River Oak passes in your possession. People who do not live at Park River Oaks have no entitlement to use a pool that they do not pay for, and the pass protects our community. $3.00 ONE TIME fee for a pass. If security or management requests to see passes, you must cooperate.
  22. No harassment of, or confrontations with security personnel or management who inquire who you are or where you live, or who ask you to purchase a pool pass or clubhouse pass
  23. No “Depends” undergarments, no diapers (adult or babies), no swim diapers (they are not water proof and do not work) or the county will close down the pool at the slightest presence of E. coli, or feces – sometimes for the entire season. Many pools test positive for feces in Sacramento County.
  24. Clean up after yourself when you leave the pool or clubhouse: Take your towels, clothes, shoes, flip flops, bottles, toys, hats, sunglasses, papers, tissues, trash, and everything with you. Those who constantly leave a mess behind will lose pool or clubhouse privileges, permanently.
  25. Do not play with or damage the Life Saver or its rope; they are required for saving lives only – we will charge you the FULL price to replace them, PLUS a fine for the time wasted to order new ones.
  26. No vandalism of any equipment or equipment room, or attempting to jam the sauna or hot-tub jets
  27. Do not prop open or jam the doors to the clubhouse or the pool area, or let people in who you do not own; trespassers pose a liability for all of us if they do not abide by the rules
  28. Do not prop open or jam the doors to the bathrooms, even briefly.
  29. Do not bring in outside toys, balls, Frisbees, or floating devices to the pool area, for contamination and safety reasons
  30. No racing, no scooters, no skate boards, no bikes, no roller-blades, no roller skates, or reckless behaviors inside the pool or clubhouse
  31. Cleanup after yourselves in the bathrooms. Those who repeatedly plug toilets, sinks, showers, or cause damages will lose clubhouse or pool privileges
  32. Repeatedly losing passes and keys (more than twice) requires a penalty fee to replace them.
  33. No dirty or street clothes inside the pool or spa, for contamination reasons.
  34. No spitting in clubhouse or pool, or gum inside pool area.
  35. No open wounds or wound dressings -- it may be a health hazard to the wounded, and to others.
  36. The county of Sacramento warns that Spa temperature is dangerous for children under 6 years old, some senior citizens, heart-disease patients, or people with other compromised health conditions.
  37. Do not “borrow” any clubhouse or pool furnishings, equipment, hoses, or features, even briefly.
  38. No climbing the trees, in the pool area.
  39. Do not alter, remove, or damage any of the landscaping in the pool area
  40. No fireworks, at, inside, or near the pool area, clubhouse, and ANY where inside the community of Park River Oak Estates.
  41. No vandalism to, or altering of cameras and related equipment.
  42. The pool maximum healthy capacity is 20 people and the spa’s healthy capacity is 5 people. Capacity is based on health and safety considerations. Once reached, no more individuals will be allowed in. We have never reached the maximum capacity of 20 people in the pool, to date.
  43. No harassing and disturbing pool service provider as he services the pool and spa area.
  44. No Petting Zoos (requested once)
  45. The pool and spa is very visible to all: NO inappropriate or x-rated behaviors to ANY degree, or you will not be allowed to use the pool or spa again. Not debatable. These are not private facilities.
  46. Fines can be imposed for every infraction. You will also be fined for your guests (per CCRs), and the right to use the pool or clubhouse can be removed for infractions.
  47. The CCRs state that the Clubhouse and the pool are NOT entitlements, if the rules are not followed.